Tourism benefits the local economy of the city where it is planned. It generates jobs, increases the sales of local small businesses, and the money that these small businesses generate goes straight back into the community. This is because the more they make, the more they can meet demand and supply.



Master Plan for Tourism Development in Jaffa

The master plan for tourism development in Jaffa defines and depicts a complete tourism complex, in accordance with the principles of the National Master Plan for Tourism and Recreation (N.M.P 12).



National Master Plan 12 for Tourism

The land of Israel has always attracted vast numbers of visitors and tourists. Today, tourism has become a major factor in national life and has effects on many of its sectors including social, economic and environmental. The growth of tourism and its influence in these areas requires comprehensive planning and organization.


Borders of the Tribes of Israel

Defining the Borders and Site Marking

The aim of this project is to mark, in-situ, the borders of the tribes’ lands, using maps and explanations as well as signposts in appropriate areas. This will facilitate hikers’ and visitors’ knowledge of the affiliation of the tribes of Israel to their lands.