In the shallow waters of the coastline are found sea-grass beds and coral reefs. Coral reefs and their resources are important for the fisheries industry, tourism industries and coast protection. Coastal resources like coral reefs, sand dunes and mangroves are important to prevent coastal erosion.



National Coastal Zone Planning

The PNOOC proposes development plans for the welfare of Angola’s coastal residents, which constitute half of the country’s population, addressing the scope of supply and demand up to the year 2025. The PNOOC includes recommendations and development outlines for coastal cities, agriculture, industry, tourism, infrastructure, transportation and ports. Special chapters are devoted to environmental and ecological values and the conservation of natural resources. The PNOOC has been integrated into Angola’s existing planning and legal systems.



National Master Plan 13 for the Gulf of Eilat

The complexity of issues involved in planning Eilat’s coastline, together with the multitude of factors and interests, has resulted in a prolonged planning process lasting an entire decade. The planners sought to arrive at a plan that will bridge the gap between conflicting interests and create a wide common ground shared by the authorities and various organizations.