The Israeli Planning authorities



Coastal issues, a national comprehensive master plan, open area policies, national outline plans, etc.

The Israeli Ministry of the Environment


A strategy for population distribution in Israel. Mapping and classification of landscape units according to sensitivity at the national level in the framework of NOP 35 in addition to ongoing consultation.

Government of Suriname

Agriculture Development

Consultation and guidance within the framework of a national master plan for the development of agriculture in the country. In addition, ongoing consultation to the Ministry of Agriculture and Planning Bureau.

UN Development Programme


Guidance and consultation for Suriname in meeting the goals of the Rio conventions in the areas of biodiversity, climate change and land degradation.

The Israeli Ministry of Agriculture

Mapping &

National mapping, characterization and evaluation of agricultural areas, in addition to developing a methodology for quantifying the external contributions of various types of agriculture.

The Israeli Ministry of Tourism

National Master

Leading a planning team of the national masterplan for tourism in Israel. Ongoing consultation in the fields of ecotourism, tourism development in Jerusalem, Jaffa, Haifa, the Negev and the Galilee.

Jerusalem Municipality

A Variety of

Urban development plans, a master plan for Beit Safafa, the Railway Park Project, a master plan for the tourism development in Ein Karem and a proposal for a trail along the national watershed.

Government of Nepal

Soil &

Several soil surveys were carried out for the government and the relevant ministries in addition to professional advisory in the fields of water sources development, rehabilitation of rice fields, etc.

Government Of

Coastline Planning

Preparation of a national master plan for the coastal area, consulting in the fields of urban development, tourism and management of natural resources near the coastline.

Government of

Soil Surveys

A series of soil surveys across the country was carried out for the client, for a number of purposes detailed in the project pages.

Republic of the Philippines

Soil Surveys

Soil surveys were carried out on the northern islands, along with the development of the region’s agriculture.

The Dominican Republic

Advisory & Guidance

Advisory and guidance in dealing with the problem of land salination in the country.

The Israeli Ministry of Construction and Housing

Israel Nature and Parks Authority


Jewish National Fund

Tel Aviv


Environmental Consulting

Environmental consultancy, a master plan for Ashkelon area, a developmental plan for Beer Sheva, urban plans for the localities - Holon, Eliphaz and Givat Bar.

Ecological Corridors

Advice on ecological corridors and professional guidance in several major projects.

Ongoing counseling

National Outline Plan for Forest and Forestry - TAMA 22, Tourism Development Plans.

Urban Ecology

"Urban Ecology" in the urban program Tel Aviv 5000 - consolidation of an urban structure and linked public spaces.

 Republic of


Government of Morocco

Government of Botswana

Yad Hanadiv






Agricultural Consultation

Master Plan


Land surveys aimed at locating land for development throughout the country.

Land surveys in agricultural areas affected by salinity in the eastern part of the state, near the border with Algeria, reclamation practices and improvement of salty soils.

Agricultural development master plan. Preparation of a National Land Atlas
  Land types and their properties as a basis for locating areas for agriculture.

Preparation of a master plan for Ramat Hanadiv Gardens. The memorial for the well-known philanthropist  Baron Edmund de Rothschild and the surrounding natural woodland.

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