National Master Plan 12 for Tourism

The land of Israel has always attracted vast numbers of visitors and tourists. Today, tourism has become a major factor in national life and has effects on many of its sectors including social, economic and environmental. The growth of tourism and its influence in these areas requires comprehensive planning and organization.

The most appropriate framework in which to achieve this organization is a national master plan guiding and fixing the national planning policy. Thus providing the framework for the creation of regional plans.The preparation of a master plan presents an opportunity and challenge for new ways of thinking, long term outlooks and bringing the national public interest to the forefront. Various planning issues – space, time, society and economy – will be addressed in a comprehensive manner.

The three main goals are:

  1. Implementation of tools to broaden the scope, nature and composition of the tourism industry.

  2. Securing physical, statutory and economic means for the development of tourism, particularly land allocation for accomodation and tourists services.

  3. Ensuring that locals enjoy the recreation and leisure services to the same high standards.

A plan such as this will emphasize public and national interests rather than those of the individual – a classic conflict in planning processes – as well as long rather than short term achievements. Effort will be made to create a comprehensive framework for tourism in Israel, as a social value, planning recreational systems as well as guaranteeing infrastructure and timely development of sites for tourists from Israel and abroad.